Camilla Hsiung - Lady CamillaCamilla Hsiung is a New York City model, art, photo and film director.¬†Throughout her professional career, Camilla has spent decades in psychology (Master’s Degree) and in the financial industry. She has participated in multiple publications. Circumstances have allowed her to get back to her passion, creating interesting and thought-provoking images. In the world of vintage, art and photography she is known as “Lady Camilla”.

Lady Camilla grew up in the 70’s learning film photography from her dad with his Leica camera. The experience followed her throughout her life and the passion for photography finally lead her to focus on nostalgic, romantic, sometimes humorous and sometimes political themes. Her goal is always to create interesting and thought-provoking images.

Lady Camilla started out as a model in the 80’s and over the past decades has taught herself the art of make-up, hair and wardrobe styling. Combined with her natural creativity, editing tens of thousands of photos and directing professional photo shoots made her an expert in her profession.

Lady Camilla is often inspired by “Old Hollywood” and the people she meets and her stand is, “the possibilities are endless”. ¬†She is always open for collaboration if an interesting opportunity or theme presents itself.

If you have an interesting project and the content of this website inspires you, feel free to contact Lady Camilla to discuss your idea. Commercial projects are welcomed and appreciated!

Have a look at Lady Camilla’s media page for testimonials and other information.

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